Thursday, March 12, 2015

The Flow of Invention

To grow the local innovation economy, it helps to understand the flow of innovation -- where are the inventors, who are they working with locally and around the country, what does the regional economy look like and what are these people inventing.  Who are the science, technology, and engineering local luminaries?  Where are the outposts of new and emerging technology?

Visualizations make it easier to see what's happening especially in the text and tabular intense world of all things patent.  

The Way Better Patents Map Room is our down to earth look at invention. The Map Room is part of Way Better Patent's weekly Coming Soon Digests. The maps there show inventorship and patent ownership nationally and within each US State. Each week these maps show what is happening this week and so far this year, cumulative, year-to-date, patterns. 

We just added a series of Sankey diagrams to give you  a new way of seeing US inventorship patterns. This link takes you to our latest article on how the new charts are constructed and how to use them. Take a tour by clicking on the links below.

Use the Sankey Diagrams in addition to the Coming Soon Digests, the Map Room and Scientific Presence Profiles