Monday, March 16, 2015

Inventors Cocktails

We are fans of the patent system. We  have opined earlier that one of the ways to fix the patent system is to add more disclosure about who owns what and forcing those seeking to enforce their patents to show evidence of infringement.  

The other major fix is to bust open the patent echo chamber where all these patent people speak only to themselves. So when we say the posts on the Save the Inventor event at SXSW we were curious.  Breaking out is good. Reaching out is even better. 

But then there was the trailer which featured welders and wood workers and not chemists and scientists and folks in clean suits and pictures of multiplexed communication devices we were perplexed. Not the we don't like welders and woodworkers but are these guys in this video representative of the markets and technologies most likely to be caught on the spin cycle if the current already complicated patent process. 

The patent world is so strange sometimes.   We need another cocktail.