Friday, March 13, 2015

The Atlas of Inventors

To Map Innovation, Map Inventors

Way Better Patents' Coming Soon™ Map Room contains a wealth of geographic information on the spatial distribution and topology of US patented inventions. 

Way Better Patents creates highly focused, science and technology specific maps of domain specific pools of talent, where emerging science is taking place. The maps provide talent scouts and site location professionals with actionable information on pockets of innovation to find talent, select locations for new outposts, or to mash up with economic and demographic data to spot new innovative clusters or find independent inventors and start-ups patenting inventions as the foundation of new innovative business ventures.

Each week Way Better Patents publishes US and State heat maps and collaboration maps including:
  1. Weekly Inventor and Assignee Heat Maps
  2. Yearly Inventor and Assignee Maps
  3. Weekly Inventor and Assignee Collaboration Maps
Business may be global, but innovation is local. See where invention is happening.

When you get there, make sure to scroll down to see the State weekly and year to date maps.

Here is this week's inventor map from Virginia:

Here is where the titleholders/assignees from Virginia are this week:

The Collaboration Maps are really interesting.  There are two for each state, one that shows inventors and one that shows assignees.  It helps you understand "cross-border" innovation, who is working with who and where.  The US map highlights the State and then shows the density of inventors or assignees working with their colleagues in that state.  

Here is a this week's Collaboration Map for California inventors and where their out of state collaborators are:

How The Maps Are Organized
There is a map for each state. To support integration of a wide range of economic and business data, we arrange our geographic data using the geographic groups defined by the US Census Bureau and the National Science Foundation. 

Use the maps to understand where inventors and IP focused firms are creating new inventions. Explore where the inventors are, where the companies are that are getting patents, and what these local luminaries are working on.  Go to About the Map Room to learn more about the maps and how they are created.
The Map Room is a down to earth view of innovation.