Friday, August 24, 2012

An Wang - Patent Troll - The Reading List

Next on the Inventions, Inventors, Innovation and IP Reading List reading list is the story of one of the great American inventors, a savvy businessman who sold the rights to one of the seminal inventions in core memory to fund his new research and development and then went on to build one of the top R&D and product organizations.  Sometimes he was an NPE and most of the time he was a practicing entity.

An Wang was received the Medal of Liberty awarded to distinguished naturalized citizens, Wang started the electronics laboratories that bear his name as a one-man shop six years after his arrival in 1945 from China at age 25 and built it into a multinational company.

With the "patent system is broken" being the tag line of lots of commentary on patents, patent litigation, and calls for making it illegal for non-practicing entities, the pejorative patent trolls, to enforce their patents, Lessons: An Autobiography give the reader insight into how patents, a brilliant leader, and a great team can change the way we work.

Lessons: An Autobiography by An Wang — Dr. Wang sold his patent for core memory to IBM to fund WANG Laboratories and set off an inventive juggernaut. Like other great inventors he started as a non-practicing entity and went on to build one of the largest "practicing entities" of the 1980s.

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