Tuesday, August 4, 2015

A Sad Situation on Edge

This morning my email contained a communique from USPTO on their latest technology issue. It seems that EFS-Web won't work with Windows 10 and its new Edge browser.

Because their authentication requires Java, their friendly vendor, Oracle, recommends using a different browser - Firefox (ok) or IE (noooooo).  No Chrome, no Opera. Definitely not Tor. The good part of this is that lawyers tend to not be very early adopters of new operating systems and a lot of folks are Apple fan girls and fan boys. So for a lot of folks this won't be an issue until it's time for the corporate IT people to do a desk drop of a new laptop.  But still. IP intense firms and more important small, young innovative companies are supposed to hold off in upgrading their tech because USPTO can't keep their tech fresh. 

USPTO needs to keep its tech up to date and at the same version as their stakeholders (queue the guy on the hunt for a vampire.). Enough with the patent listening tours. Spend the money in tech.

Here's what The Office had to say,

Windows 10/Microsoft Edge: Compatibility Issue for EFS-Web and Private PAIR Authentication

For users who are updating their operating systems to Windows 10, please be aware that Windows 10 comes installed with a new web browser, Microsoft Edge, that does not support plug-ins and will not run Java. Because Java is required for authentication to EFS-Web and Private PAIR, this impacts your ability to access EFS-Web and Private PAIR via Microsoft Edge.
To access EFS-Web and Private PAIR using Windows 10, Oracle is recommending the use of alternative browsers such as Firefox and Internet Explorer. IE11 will also be available on Windows10. For additional information regarding Java compatibility and instructions on how to access IE11 on Windows 10, please visit:http://www.java.com/en/download/faq/win10_faq.xml
The USPTO is working on a longer term plan to improve the overall authentication process. For USPTO updates regarding this issue please visit either of our Announcements pages:
• EFS – Web Announcements:http://www.uspto.gov/patents-application-process/applying-online/efs-web-announcements
• PAIR Announcements:http://www.uspto.gov/patents-application-process/checking-application-status/pair-announcements
If you need assistance with this matter, or have questions on any eFiling topic, please visit the Patent Electronic Business Center webpage:http://www.uspto.gov/learning-and-resources/support-centers/patent-electronic-business-center for comprehensive contact information, FAQ’s, and other eFiling resources.