Wednesday, September 11, 2013

This Week's Patent Box Score

Way Better Patents has been busy working on improving our weekly databank, looking at ways to make information about patents more accessible, and examining the flow of information based inventions — business methods patents, patents for internet and communications technology, social media, business methods inventive elements embedded in other domains.  This week there are 59 new patents that have classifications in the business methods area indicating that the patent examiner believes that certain elements of the patent are like those contained in patents whose main classifications are in business methods, Data processing: financial, business practice, management, or cost/price determination.  Informationization of innovation continues.  Here is a quick look at what's going on this week.  
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Score Card — September 10, 2013

Total: 6,173
New Grants*: 6,157
*New Utility, Design, & Plant Patents
US Grants: 2,967
Foreign Grants: 3,206
Named Inventors: 16,438

This Week's Score Card by Domain

Domain This Week         Year To Date
Utility 5,727 191,840
Chemical 1,095 36,869
Electrical 3,115 103,480
Mechanical 1,517 51,491
Design 410 16,318
Plant 20 614
Reexam 17 581
Reissue 16 611
Errata 41 1,420
Corrections 443 16,440
Business Methods 128 3,890
Broad Business Methods 459 15,212
Databank Sitemap

Global Indicators

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Summary of this week's patent grants to first–named inventors from non–US locations excluding the US.

Region      Count
Africa 5
Asia 1,945
Central America & Caribbean 1
Europe 961
Middle East 85
North America 139
Oceania/Australia 57
Russian Federation 5
South America 8
Total 3,206

Business Methods Watch

See the weekly business methods patents weekly databank for the details.
As of September 10, 2013 USPTO has granted 128 new business methods patents with a total of 3,890 year to date. More broad business methods patents this week came in at 459 and 15,212 year to date. This week there were also 59 patents that had a cross-reference (XR) classification in class 705 indicating that the invention has business methods elements embodied in the inventions it covers.
Business methods patents include only those patents with an original classification in business method classes. It does not include other inventions where USPTO has identified other features that are business methods related (patents with discretionary classifications in the business methods domain.)

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