Tuesday, February 5, 2013

A Post on IPWatchdog

An article on Way Better Patents' USPTO Green Technology Pilot Program Discovery and Analysis Report and our findings appeared on Gene Quinn's IPWatchdog blog  yesterday.  Thanks to Gene for spreading the word on our analysis of the USPTO Green Technology Pilot Program and the interesting outcome on this accelerated examination initiative.

As noted in the post, the Leahy-Smith America Invents Act enables the Director of USPTO to designate "economically important" technology for accelerated examination without having to pay the usual accelerated fees with the goal being to accelerate the commercialization of these inventions.  The Green Tech report and analysis provides IP strategists, patent policy researchers, and patent prosecution pros with insight into the outcomes of such a program, who participated, and the inventions that were protected faster.  Green technology is a strong candidate for continued accelerated examination in light of the Obama Administration's renewed focus on climate change and alternative energy.  We continue to report on the balance of the patents accepted under the program as they move through the prosecution process.

You can learn more about the USPTO Green Tech Pilot Program and the report here.