Thursday, April 26, 2012

Environmentally Friendly Transportation

How Many Environmentally/Ecologically Friendly Inventions?
Part 5 — Transportation

Transportation is a big arena for environmentally friendly innovations. Recreational eco-friendly vehicles from California; what’s not to like?
The nine Transportation Index patents are evenly spread over eight USPC classes:
  • chairs and seats
  • automatic temperature and humidity regulation
  • railways: surface track
  • prime-mover dynamo plants
  • electric resistance heating devices
  • marine propulsion
  • buoys, rafts, and aquatic devices
  • data processing: vehicles, navigation, and relative location.
We’ll consider “Clean energy powered surfboards,” an invention of Kendyl A. Roman of Sunnyvale, CA. The patent (8,070,544) was issued on December 6, 2011 and is classified as 441/74, which is a surfboard.
I believe you’ll see the novelty of the invention, and its environmental friendliness, by reading the abstract:
“Clean energy powered surfboard having various advantages that make for easy to learn, easy to use, safer, exciting, high performance, environmentally friendly surfing on any ocean wave in the world. The various embodiments include novel motor, turbine, or electric motor generator surfboards comprising hydrogen or electric-powered motors, which can be switch-activated and which drive jet pumps. Energy can be stored as compressed gas, including air and hydrogen. Energy can be stored in novel capacitors that are incorporated in the body of the surfboard. Energy can be generated by solar or water power while surfing or by passing waves, for example, while waiting for a big wave. An output jet provides thrust to catch a wave, to return to the wave breaks, or to avoid a hazard. A novel fin output jet increases stability and maximizes thrust. Self-contained, self-recharging embodiments are low cost, lightweight, safer, and good for the environment.”
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