Thursday, January 5, 2012

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The patentECO Clean Tech Ecosystem
In my introductory patentECO post, I referred to the clean technology ecosystem — what does this phrase mean?
Way Better Patents reviewed many definitions of “clean”, “green”, and “sustainable” technology. Some more accurately describe our view of clean technology than others, but we found that none capture key economic factors that are necessary for clean technology to provide viable products and services in a market-based economy.

Clean technology can be found across the innovative continuum.  Broadly clean tech is technology that uses less material and/or energy, minimizes waste, and lessen negative environmental consequences.  Clean tech can be found in the physical, chemical, electrical, biological, or computational disciplines.  
These technologies cover a wide spectrum of processes, products, services, and business models.  Clean tech delivers financial returns for investors, competitive prices for consumers, and profits for producers. The clean technology ecosystem is characterized by innovation that maintains a focus on efficient and productive use of natural and man-made resources in a sustainable manner — targeting human needs and desired products and services, while conserving resources and the environment so that these needs and desires may be met both now and in the future.
Clean technologies apply to agriculture, air pollution control and reduction, industry, energy, resource extraction or harvesting, transportation, and water and wastewater, and pertain to the resource inputs, processes, and supply chains that support them.
We have identified particular portions of the US Patent Classification system (USPC) and the International Patent Classification system (IPC) that cover clean technologies in these disciplines that pertain to:
  • Agriculture
  • Air,  air pollution control and reduction
  • Industry
  • Energy
  • Resource extraction or harvesting
  • Transportation
  • Water, water and wastewater
In upcoming posts we’ll review patented technologies in these areas from the standpoint of the defining aspect of the invention, and where it lies within the innovation space of that particular technology.
Additional details may be found on our patentECO web page.